United Airlines Flights – Tourist Guide to Bhutan

Over the years Bhutan tourism has grown multi-fold. After all, who will not like to have a vacation where you can slow down your life and relax in the tranquil landscape, enjoy the local delicacies and the colorful festival? The charm of visiting this Himalayan Kingdom to experience its rich culture and tradition is ever increasing among st the tourists.

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For Bhutan, the best time to visit is actually round the year as the country experiences all the five prominent seasons of summer, monsoon, autumn, winter and spring. Therefore, the land of thunder dragon has weather that will never restrict your itinerary.

This peaceful kingdom nested in the hills never fails to surprise the visitors, and there has been an increase in tourism over the years.

We provide you with three good reasons why visiting Bhutan will make you feel like a royal. Prepare yourself to experience the most rejuvenating vacations you ever had by getting the United Airlines Reservations.

Tourist Attractions in Abundance: Visit one of the largest statues of Buddha in Thimpu that is made of bronze and gold. When you book Bhutan tour packages from India, ensure that you include Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro Valley in your itinerary. The Zuri Dzong Hike is perfect to satisfy your adventure streak.

The Culture & Cuisine: When in Bhutan try Ema Datshi. It is their ethnic food made of cheese and chilies. Several other delicacies of the country are worth a try. Buddhist heritage heavily influences the Bhutanese culture as seen in the dress, language and the dance forms.

The Himalayan Landscape: High mountains, a network of rivers and an extraordinary geographical diversity of Bhutan impress the visitors. The landscape will surely give you some picture perfect memories.

On your next vacation, experience the warmth of the country that works on the concept of Gross National Happiness. Bhutan’s incredible scenic beauty and cultural treasures awaits you.

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