The Top Exotic Beaches You cannot Afford to Miss in Bali

Bali offers crystal clear water, salty breeze and beams of sun. It is the most suitable destination to enjoy the beach life. This beautiful place is blessed with enticing beaches and never-ending line of water-sports which lure the tourists from around the world to mark Bali, their top holiday destination. Once you have packed your sunscreen, bikini, prep the hottest summer playlist and booked United Airlines Flights be ready.

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To explore the top exotic beaches listed below:

  • Seminyak Beach: If you want to explore the heart of Bali’s oceanfront action, then this is the right place to enjoy. The impressive 5 km stretch of white sand with plenty beach bars, hotels and restaurants just a few steps away from the waves. It is a hedonistic playground. Learn to surf or soak yourself in the bright sunlight, Seminyak beach has a lot in store for the tourists.
  • Echo Beach: It was once the go-to destination for a beautiful beachfront barbecue now became one of the coolest oceanfront spots to see. It is a watering hole of canggu with numerous surf spots and countless chic bars, alongside the black sand to cherish the view. Echo beach has the liveliest vibe to enjoy in Bali.
  • Jimbaran Bay: It is not only famous for the beautiful scenery with glittering sands stretch of 3 km but also the spot for local fishermen to sell their fresh fishes in the bustling market. Jimbaran is the islands’ seafood hub, you’ll find variety of beachfront barbecues alongside the coastline. Choose your ocean treats for a romantic dinner before sun hits low.
  • Keramas Beach: The Mount Agung behind and thrilling waves in front, Keramas Beach is a must-visit site. It is largely popular for its standalone beach club destination, Komune Bali. The resort and beach club combo sits on the sand with a astonishing pool at the helm, facing the black sand and sparkling ocean.

These are a few of the dreamy beaches which you wouldn’t want to miss when in Bali. If you’re enticed enough to enjoy vacation on these paradise-like beaches, make sure that you book the flight tickets by logging to United Airlines Official Site. Also, do remember to avail the unique United Airlines Deals.

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