The Solo Girls Guide to Moscow with United Airlines

If you are a girl and want to start a journey to one of the beautiful places on earth, then it is advisable to visit Moscow where the stunning location and churches will bind you with enjoyment and thrill. Moscow has its own charm, which blows your mind. There are a few amazing places to visit in Moscow. Probably, you have never visited the place, but you should not miss the opportunity to this solo journey to Moscow, the capital of Russia. Book your tickets by visiting the United Airlines Official Site to get the best offered deals.

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 Here you can check the best places to visit in Moscow.

The Red Square and the Kremlin: Red Square is very popular among the tourists coming from across the world. It is better for you to roam around the Red Square where you can visit the St. Basil’s Cathedral, Aleksandrovsk Garden where you will be thrilled to witness the past glory and history. You are not able to see all these in a single day. The Cathedral Square, Armoury Chamber and the Diamond Fund are the important attractions on the square.

Izmailovsky Kremlin: For the tourists, the Izmailovsky can be a new addition. It was set up with the Russian Style and it looks like a place where you probably read in the fairytale. You will find a wooden church in the middle and apart from these the colorful buildings and tower will blow you once in a while. You can visit the flea market and small museums.

Tretyakovsky Gallery: If you are an art lover, then you will surely fall in love with this place. The Tretyakovsky Gallery is home to many art stuff. The Russian art from is date back to XI-XX centuries and you will be stunned to see such beautiful art forms. The art forms represent the Russian history and culture.

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