The Best Cheap London Shopping Spots for Women with United Airlines Flights

When in London and looking for budget places to shop, it might sound like a joke to many. After the entire city has the reputation of being the costliest city to buy. However, we dig out some fantastic places to shop in London, places where the prices are affordable, and the products are top quality.

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Here are our favorite shopping spots in London where you can find some exciting shopping deals.

Carnaby Street: Located near Oxford Street, it is a pedestrian-only place. You have stores, cafes, and restaurants, a place that is perfect to catch a bite and shop. You will find almost everything here available for quick deals. When in Carnaby Street, relax your shopping tired feet with a cup of Thai coffee at a café called Sacred.

Portobello Market: It is a street market famous all over the world. Buy clothes and antiques, and you may also grab your hands on some unique collectibles here. Prepare yourself to discover some delicious street food here.

Covert Garden Market: Looking for jeweler, artwork, souvenirs and more, then Covert Garden Market is the place to be. It is a fun place to be around, where even if you are not interested in shopping a mere stroll will also be an enjoying experience.

Harrods: Yes, read that right. Do not get confused; it may be the city’s one of the luxurious departmental stores, you might find some lucrative deals here especially the souvenir section. In this section, you can grab an inexpensive and yet branded item of the store. It will be good souvenir of your London trip.

Selfridges: Another high-end store in London, but you can find good value articles to buy here. Fashion, electronics and even books all are available. Do try the denim department of the store, known for its impressive collection.

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