A Quick Travel Guide to Romania with United Airlines

Romania is Europe’s most beautiful place, fascinating and unspoiled. The culture of the country is equally vibrant.  Romanians are known to be people with big hearts, as big as the Carpathian Mountains. The wooden villages and the traditional shepherd farms are an experience in itself. The country has ample to offer regarding flora and fauna; bears and wolves are in plenty here. You may encounter a few when on a tracking trip.

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Wildlife lovers and history buffs will find a lot of things to do here in Romania.  United Airlines Flights connect the major cities with Romania and will an ideal travel partner while visiting this beautiful country.

The forest region of Maramures is in the north of the country, and it remains a sleepy and dormant place. The city of Timisoara is where you can find a lot of fuzz.  It is a University town, and it is the place where the revolution began in 1989.

In the south are the plains of Wallachia and the Danube Delta wetlands. Overall Romania is changing fast and embracing modernity.  It is a part European Union.

You will enjoy the rural life here. Slow paced and laid back; their lifestyle has an inherent beauty of its own. Gypsy music, Saxon Festivals, and the churches are enough to keep you engaged here.  Tradition has a stronghold in the daily lives of the Romanians.

When visiting Romania, we have a few useful recommendations for you.

  • Visit the Sighisoara citadel in Transylvania. Spending Halloween here is going to be amazing. Do attend the party here.
  • Bird watching at Danube Delta is an experience for all visitors. It is a UNESCO site where you can see pelicans, eagles and several other species that are nearly 300 in number.
  • Mountain hiking in the Carpathian Mountains and visit the monasteries in Bucovina. You will enjoy every bit of it.
  • Bear spotting and the Saxon villages will enthrall you in totality. The communities are beautiful, and so bear but with animals do take necessary precautions.

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